Upcoming Events
Tuesday, June 30 :
1:00pm – NAP Qualifying Game...extra points!!!

Wednesday, July 1 :
1:00pm – NAP Qualifying Game...extra points!!!

Thursday, July 2 :
1:00pm – Club Championship Game...extra points!!!

Friday, July 3 :
8:45am + 1:00pm – Charity Club Championship Game...extra points!!!

Saturday, July 4 :
1:00pm – Fourth of July BBQ @ Noon + "Capture the Flag" Game @ 1:00pm...extra points!!!

Welcome to the Bonita Bridge Club

Bonita Bridge Club Location

All players are welcome whether members of our club or not. If not, we invite you to join. Membership benefits include reduced playing fees and a laminated, magnetic name tag from The bridge club ♣ with a heart .

Contact JoEllen about membership today!

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